Our affordable, user-friendly sensor arrays help you easily collect reliable data. And our app guides you through every step of the process.

Parameters: The base model measures temperature and dissolved oxygen. The advanced model measures temperature and dissolved oxygen plus pH, turbidity, and conductivity.

Install the Current app on your phone or mobile device.
Follow the instructions to calibrate your sensors. Refer to instructions to determine if calibration should be completed onsite or at your home, office, or lab.
Current's sensor array can be handheld or attached to a boat. Your sensor can be used by hand or attached to a boat. We are also developing housing for an array that can be installed at a fixed location.
Our app uses your phone's clock and GPS to instantly time-stamp and location-stamp every data point you collect. Begin recording data. The app uses your phone’s GPS and clock to time-stamp and location-stamp every data point you collect.
Instantly view your data. Your data are instantly recorded. Information is archived on our cloud server and available for real-time viewing and analysis.

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