2015-04-09_21-39-35Researchers know that their data tell a story. They watch that story take shape from season to season, from year to year, and from one place to another.

The problem is that conveying this information can be extremely difficult. At a time when it’s more important than ever to communicate clearly and effectively about water quality, many non-academic and government monitoring programs lack staff with specialized backgrounds and training in spatial analysis and data visualization. Data that is not accessed or clearly understood cannot be used to make effective decisions.

Watershed example

That’s where Current comes in. We open up a three-dimensional data world, providing detailed information across space and time, along with the analytic tools to manage and interpret these data. Our user-friendly interface allows clients to view data in real time; share selected datasets with other researchers; use data from USGS and other government agencies; and create professional maps, graphs, charts, and animations.

Want to see for yourself? Check out our demo page. Please remember these are not real datasets!

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